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An Immersive Cinematic Experience, Just Around The Corner.


The Independent Artist & Business Owner

Throughout the development of over seven years, the attainments of Leekthough would begin to avail themselves. Independent artist, sound engineer, and business owner are just limited titles amongst the many positions he plays. Reaching an audience of multi-millions, Leekthough has created a new genre and movement of sound that mesmerizes the ear; international cinema. With the pure aspiration to set himself apart from the rest of the musicians, Leekthough began shaping his very own distinctive and unrivaled trend. Creations that range from hype energetic dance hits to captivating melodic cinematic ambiances; continuously assist in the extensive growth of his fan base. His EP release of “Astro & Fall for Me" with opposing complementary sensations exceeded the Platinum status worldwide; certified by RIAA. In Hong Kong specifically, “Fall for Me” charted Top 50 propelling Leekthough forward into the international market. Bringing the vision into existence, he has crafted a fortified brand that avails itself year-round. “[I] certainly could not have done this on my own. The work ethic behind this team stimulates everyone to keep developing their expertise." Pulling inspiration and originality from cities such as Chicago, Houston, and Minneapolis. Spanning across the multiple creative processes, down to business endeavors, paired with the infrastructure of a freelance record label; everything is accomplished in-house. The collective does not limit itself to merely the music; LeekSeason brings an expressive lifestyle to its admirers and supporters.


His Accomplishments


Platinum Artist & Engineer


Spatial Audio Engineer

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96k - 192k Audio Quality


Apple Certified Engineer


Appears on

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Leekthough has achieved the Platinum status on his EP "Astro & Fall For Me"


Leekthough's New Single


Following Properleek, Leekthough has crafted an undeniable record cut with an irresistible sonic. Executively produced by Soca Jones, the pair  once again came together resulting in something beautiful. With a melodic and timeless chorus, they have brought another substantial sentiment to their fanatics. Creativity beyond imagination, the listener travels amongst the stars with Leekthough. “We captured and recorded an alien transmission in the outro” - he states.

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As you begin to immerse in the Season cinematic universe very soon, you may find yourself traveling amongst mesmerizing luminaries that are unfamiliar. Prepare for the expedition through infinite celestial space.

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